Who Writes this Blog?

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My name is Rocío Fuentes-Ortea and I have been diagnosed with Triple Positive Breast Cancer. It is not the easiest, but it is treatable and manageable, if it is caught in time. But this blog is not just about Cancer. Cancer has definitely had an impact in my life, but it is only a small part of my journey. It isn´t going to define me.

Why did I get Cancer?

Who knows?

People (especially healthy individuals) love pointing fingers and giving reasons as to why others developed Cancer (because they had a poor diet, or because they didn´t do enough exercise). I think they are just scared, and trying to reassure themselves that they are safe; that they won´t get this illness.

But the truth is that nobody knows yet why Cancer starts. I do have my own theory, of course. For me, it is clearly the result of emotional stress, and as Cancer runs in my family, then I got that one. But other people have heart attacks, Diabetes, and other multiple illnesses, depending on their own mind and beliefs.

Yes, I do believe that your thoughts can make you sick, but the good news is that they can also make you well.

This isn´t a blog about Cancer, but Cancer is part of me, so we can talk about it. I know many tricks to fight it. I have done them all: Different types of chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy… My Cancer journey continues, but I can already be called a Cancer Survivor.

Of course, I am humble enough to know that this illness can come back at any time. If that happens, I shall fight more strongly than the first time. If not, I promise not to get so deeply affected by the slaps this life gives me, because they are only given to me so I can grow and progress.

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