Should I choose Chemotherapy or Alternative Medicine to Cure my Cancer?

When you are diagnosed with Cancer you need to do a lot of thinking in very little time, and that can be overwhelming. These are a few things for you to consider before making the right decision:

Research as Much as you Can

First of all, do your own research. Take advantage of the Internet, especially of the medical literature available to you, and serious articles from reliable sources (not just from personal blogs); get to know your Cancer, and Cancer in general. Don´t you want to know about that deadly thing you have travelling through your body? If you don´t have access to academic journals for free, then try Google Scholar: there is some free material in there that can help you find relevant information.

Not even a month had passed from my diagnosis, and I already came across very useful literature from websites, blogs and books, that helped me understand better this illness, and most importantly, know what I want and what I don´t want when it comes to treatment. I am gutted that I didn´t find all this information when my father was diagnosed six years ago. He passed away only 10 months after his diagnosis.

My research at that time had the only purpose of finding out what Cancer he had, and learn about it. Oh, indeed: that can happen sometimes, unfortunately. Oncologists might not be able to find the primary tumour. The Cancer was everywhere when he started feeling anaemic and feverish, but the doctors couldn´t tell where it all started (it is up to them sometimes to tell, if biopsies and tests show a mix of cells, from different organs). It is still really painful to remember this.

But I suppose that is why I didn´t find any useful information on the Internet, the opposite to what is happening now: because I thought that in order to learn more about Cancer I needed to know at least the type we were dealing with. But how wrong I was. It is true that, in order to give an efficient chemotherapy to a patient, doctors need to know the exact type of Cancer a person has got, as there are quite a few different chemo drugs out there, and not all work in the same way. For my father, even when private doctors found out that his Cancer was a kidney one, there was not an available chemo for his specific type.

However, I have now understood that it doesn´t matter what type of Cancer you have, but the fact that you have Cancer, and that this was created by a hostile environment in your body. As I explained in this article,, your thoughts are the ones that have made you sick.

In your personal research, try to find out what thoughts and feelings you have been having in the last years that have made you ill. It is really important for you to do this, as if you don´t identify them, you will keep on having the same kinds of thoughts and feelings, and therefore, you will become sick again or never really cure yourself, even if the treatment you choose works for you initially.

We all know of women who, in order to avoid Breast Cancer coming back, have removed not only their sick breast but the other as well, and the ovaries, to be proactive, just in case. I understand they have done this as they have a high probability of developing Cancer, but this has never made complete sense to me. A tumour in your breast (or in any other part of your body) is a symptom of Cancer, and it is only sensible to try to find out what has caused our Cancer, instead of cutting out parts of your body to avoid it settling in there; something which by the way, only you can know, in my opinion, as only you know your darkest secrets and feelings.

What are those Websites and Books that can Teach me so Much?

Before visiting any website, I would start by reading The Healing Code, by Dr Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson. If you want to find out more about how to cure your mind, I strongly recommend this read.

I totally recommend buying the book to absolutely everyone I know. Some of my friends have asked me if I am getting commission when a copy of the book is sold, but the answer is No; I am just too passionate about this book. I am not as passionate about doing the healing codes (they are a bit boring to do) as I am about the message of the book: all illnesses are caused by emotional stressed that is stuck in our cells, from even remote times, by issues that we might not even remember.

As soon as I finished the book, I quickly produced a spreadsheet with all the emotional issues that I have had in my life (it was quite long). I recorded the ones that I remember, as it must surely mean they are relevant to me. The next step is to rate these issues, and from that, to work on them with the healing codes. It´d be great if you can practise these codes three times per day. They take about 6 minutes. I admit that you have to be very dedicated to the exercise, but it does work. I just feel so relaxed when I practise them, and I do firmly believe that this kind of meditation can cure any illness you might have.

The purpose of the Healing Code is to accept and overcome all these issues. Not just to learn how to live with these negative feelings of yours, but to understand why those events happened at the time; forgive the people involved in making you feel that bad (as they didn´t know any better), and finally move on with your life. Forgive and not necessarily forget, but learning not to care anymore about it. Give it a go and you won´t regret. It is a very easy and catchy read.

The following website is from a guy (Chris Wark) who suffered Colon Cancer years ago and he is now healthy as an apple. Have a look at his website, as the place is full of great tips about eating healthily and, most importantly, interviews to people who beat Cancer with natural resources. I do not like the fact that he tries to sell you his programme, though. I believe advice and tips should be for free.

Bear in mind, however, that even though it is a great website to have a look at, the fact that this guy refused to have chemotherapy doesn´t mean that this would be the best course of action for you in your particular case.

In Cancer Tutor you will also find very valuable information about Cancer and natural protocols that might help you understand better your Cancer:

I found these fourteen questions and answers about the disease to be very interesting:

In you can find interesting information about how to cure illnesses in a natural way, and videos of past conferences, where many experiences are shared.

In those mentioned websites there is much information about people who cured their Cancer naturally, with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Some people who talk in those conferences received the traditional medicine (chemo, surgery and radiotherapy), but many other people did not, as they refused.

Cancer Tutor is perhaps the most comprehensive website you can find out there, as it gives much information not only about natural methods to cure illnesses, but also about the traditional ones.

Another interesting book that you might enjoy reading (only if you absolutely love science) is “How to Starve Cancer without Starving Yourself”, by Jane Mclelland. She did have Cancer twice and cured herself in an impressive way: having a background in science, she starved her Cancer cells using supplements and low-toxicity drugs that she used off-label (“off-label” means the medication is being used in a way not specified in the approved packaging label). Mclelland found out that, when taken together, all these medicines and supplements acted synergistically, and disolved her Cancer.

The book is really well written and it is very easy to follow, despite all the scientific terms she uses in it (the second part of the book is the more scientific one; the first part of the book concentrates in her personal story). However, the problem I have with this book is that, when I got to the end, really excited and ready to learn what medicines and supplements I would need to starve my own Cancer, I didn´t understand her super “comprehensive” (in her own words)  Metro Map, which you are supposed to look at and understand straight away.

Well… as much as I paid attention and followed the whole book, I still do not know what  I need to starve my own Cancer. I believe she has cured herself indeed and that she is onto something big. The Care Oncology Clinic, based in London and mentioned in her book, follow the same protocols and theories, and I am really interested in paying them a visit when my Cancer disappears, so these doctors are the ones who figure out my supplements and off-label drugs combo. But I have to say that I was really disappointed when I finished the book. I felt as if it fails to achieve what it promises at some point: to be able to identify your own cocktail anti-Cancer. But, as a story about a woman who cured her Cancer is a great one (by the way, she did have surgery and chemotheraphy).

Anyhow, the decision of going or not through Chemo had to be yours (not your
oncologist´s, your family´s and/or friends´). Of course, it is always good to hear different opinions and ideas, especially as this is a very delicate subject, and your decision can save or not your life, but it is important that you do what your heart tells you, after having read and heard as much information as possible from many different sources.

When you make a decision after having studied all possible options, you don´t usually regret the decision taken.

What should I choose, then: Traditional or Alternative Medicine?

Once you hear the oncologist assigned to you (who has met with a team of surgeons and other oncologists to thoroughly discuss your situation), and the traditional treatments they are suggesting for your specific case, you will need to decide what to do: will you go ahead with the treatment proposed or not? Yes, it is totally up to you to receive chemotherapy, have an operation and/or receive radiotherapy. Nobody is going to oblige you to receive chemotherapy, but, if you say no to the traditional treatments because you want to follow the alternative natural route, then be prepared to perhaps die even faster. Sorry to be this honest, but it has to be said.

I am one of those who believe that in nature we have all the ingredients for a recipe to be healthy and live a long life. However, the fact that many websites or people in the Internet tell you that they cured their Cancer just by eating healthily, doing meditation and praying is really dangerous, in my opinion.

In my case, I did read all that, and although at the beginning of the process I did believe that good nutrition could cure my body, I totally disagree with this statement now. A healthy nutrition can indeed help a lot with preventing illnesses and even cure them in the long run, but it would take a really long time to achieve this. Just to name one example, a scientific study was carried out in which it was demonstrated that something as simple as garlic and lemon could shrink tumours in mice, but apart from the fact that humans aren´t exactly mice, in this study it was suggested that even though many mice were cured of their tumours in weeks, people would need years to see similar effects happening to them with this natural remedy.


Do you have all that time to experiement and waste, having been diagnosed with a deadly illness, as Cancer can be? I did not, but if you want to try it on yourself, be my guest. For sure that I shall be adding all ingredients thought to have Cancer-fighting properties to my diet once my orthodox treatments are finished, but think twice if you want to take such risk with your own health.

Besides all that, it is my deep belief that only a healthy mind and the lack of stress can prevent illnesses. So these people who assure that, by drinking a thousand juices per day and by eating garlic and salads, reversed their Cancer, are delusional in my opinion.

I think that many of them might have indeed cured their Cancer (so far, and that we are aware of), but I reckon that this is because, at the same time they were eating healthily and practising exercise, they cured their mind: They understood that their mind could cure their body, they removed their stress… and if these people are happy by spending their whole day preparing juices and salads with a million ingredients that normal people don´t have the time to cook, then that is fine indeed for them, because the whole point is to believe, to be happy, to be positive, and to have a healthy mind, overall.

These people have their faith, which is the most important thing to have in life, and that helped them to reverse their Cancer. I really believe so, and that is good for them. But I do not believe that you have to be a vegan and drink 250 million carrots in a juice every day to be Cancer-free. That is so nonsensical that it hurt my eyes when I read these types of statements.

Usually these people who affirm that they cured their Cancers by just eating healthily (i.e. Chris Wark and all his interviewed guests, many people who follow the Gerson therapy…) many of them had surgery and had chemo, or refused to have chemo, but did have surgery (which made their tumours disappear), so it is difficult to find someone who tells us the story that they completely removed their tumours by just eating well, meditating and praying. There are cases, of course, and there is a curious one, the one of Lorraine Day, a famous doctor, popular because she refused to have traditional treatments for her advanced Breast Cancer (surgery, chemo and radio) and, apparently, she cured herself miraculously, when she was about to die.

I do not believe in miracles, but I do believe in the power of our minds; however, I still find it very difficult for us to master the power of our minds. I do meditation and believe in all that, but I know how difficult is to cure yourself (cure your mind and cure your body), even though you are greatly motivated to do it and have a lot of time in your hands, because you need a lot of practice; it is not something you can learn overnight.

Therefore, if you have just been diagnosed with Cancer and are considering what to do (whether to follow the traditional treatments of surgery, chemo and radiotherapy or to just eat a healthy diet, practise daily exercise and meditation and hope for the best), then I would usually recommend you to follow the traditional route.

Let me explain. In my father´s case, when at his 75 years of age the Cancer was already at stage IV (spread to other organs), and when there was not a specific chemotherapy available, then, chemotherapy was useless, and it hurt him more than helped him. Chemo destroyed my father. However, surgery helped him a lot. So the orthodox method of surgery (which many alternative-medicine lovers criticise) saved my dad of a painful death, and for that, I am so thankful.

But it is true that in a case like his I would recommend to avoid chemo, and just try to eat as healthily as possible, exercise as much as your body allows, meditate and pray as much as you can… but it is also fundamental to try to have a really positive attitude, where the patient must try to find out what have caused their illness, and truly believe that they are going to cure their minds and bodies once they know what caused it. With my father this was impossible, as he wouldn´t believe in any of that. But to a patient in his situation, I would highly recommend to pursue this avenue.

On the contrary, in a case where there is a specific tumour or a group of tumours (even if it is already present in other organs) with efficient chemo drugs available, then I would say: try chemo, surgery and radiation (sometimes radiation isn´t necessary) but I would indeed recommend this, and that is what I chose doing for my particular case, as with an invasive ductal carcinoma, triple positive and grade 3 in my breast it would have been very stupid to try to cure it with garlics (I did try garlics for three weeks, by the way).

While trying to make a decision you are very welcome to try any natural methods you want (I tried them all) but I only noticed my tumour shrinking after receiving chemo. It is unbelievable how efficient those drugs can be. And, believe me, you won´t care that much about any side effect, when you notice that this malignant mass brought to you by the devil is being shrunk so quickly by those liquids they put into your vein. That I did find it to be a bit of a miracle. And guess what? Chemo drugs are derived from plants, anyway. Interesting, isn´t it?

If you Choose Orthodox Methods (Chemo, Surgery, Radio)

Waiting for treatment to happen is tough. You´ll probably come across thoughts like: “But I am dying! Why are they waiting so much? Don´t they care about me?”

Well… not that much; you are just a number, and there is a long list of patients with Cancer who need to be treated as well. It is actually devastating when you realise that many of them are in a worst situation than yours.

I am not saying you aren´t important, but you will be treated in time. Do not be scared to have all that time to think about the treatment you are going to receive. Because it is a hell of a treatment, and there are many things you need to think about and to get ready for. Chemo is tough.

Fight the Fear and Make Plans

Having Cancer is like if you are in a rollercoaster. One minute you are up and positive, thinking everything is under control, but the next minute you can find yourself thinking who you are leaving your belongings to.

Talking about the emotions that come to your mind in such difficult period of your life helps, even if you don´t like talking about your problems. I never liked talking about mine; I always thought that it shows weakness, but guess what? We all have problems, and talking about them will not make you weak. It will just make you a more natural and honest person, and it will definitely relief some of the emotional pain this illness is causing you.

I am not saying, though, that talking about something (especially if it is some deep event from the past that caused you a lot of hurt) it is going to help. Talking about something doesn´t cure the feelings that you have about that particular event. But understanding those feelings and getting over them will help eventually.

But it is really important that you make plans for the future. Sometimes when someone would tell me: “When you get well we will travel here and there”, I found myself answering in a dramatic way: “We´ll see if I am still here by then”. Slap your face if that thought comes to you. You will soon realise it is stupid to be negative about this illness. You need to understand that there is a treatment and that survival rates are high. Almost every day we can hear in the news about this new drug or this new vaccination that helps with this or that in relation to Cancer. You also know that many healthy people never come back to their homes because they have an accident or a heart attack all of a sudden. Just don´t be negative!

I did enjoy three intense weeks of deep thinking all by myself. I did agree quite quickly to do chemo as my Cancer is aggressive and grows fast. If my tumour was a slow-growing one, maybe I would have chosen the natural path. Maybe, who knows. But don´t let anyone fool you about the natural path either. It would take years (about two they say) to reverse a Cancer by eating healthily, and it is of course not guaranteed that it is going to disappear. By the way, by eating healthily I don´t mean to eat your “five a day”, but to eat exclusively organic fruits and vegetables in huge amounts.

I do not believe that you have to eat only vegetables and fruits (as for example the Gerson diet says) in order to kill a disease. Nutrition helps a lot. Exercise can help massively in getting rid of stress from your body, but, as I said before, many people do not eat healthily, do not exercise, and they are alive and in good health. And do vegetarians and vegans get Cancer? Indeed. Do sporty people get Cancer? You can bet your arse they do.

I am completely sure that the health starts and ends in one´s mind. As I said many times, an unhealthy mind in a 100% healthy body equals a 0% healthy person.

Still Uncertain About What to Do?

I get it. It´s tough. Your mind goes from one thought to another and really fast. The only tips left that I can give at this point are:

-Research about natural methods to cure Cancer, as it is always interesting to know what particular foods can help you fighting a tumour.

-Understand that orthodox methods really can make your tumour disappear fast (and that time is key in the treatment of Cancer)

-But also realise that at the end, it is up to your immune system to get rid of all Cancer cells (chemo gets rid of fast-growing cells, but what about the stem cells of Cancer?). Your immune system will get rid of Cancer at the end, but will do it ONLY if your mind is healthy; if you don´t stress anymore; if you understand that many things are not as important as you thought they were; if you don´t let others hurt you; if you learn to be happy with what you have; if you enjoy life; if you love and are loved.

-Do not underestimate the power of your mind. Your brain controls it all.

-Is a glass of wine, from time to time, going to kill you? No, not at all; sometimes the lack of that glass of wine is going to be worst for you. Spoiling yourself from time to time is going to be beneficial. Celebrating parties from time to time is a must; ancient historical figures like Plato or Jesus taught us many of these valuable lessons ages ago, so believe in good nutrition but do not be obsessed about it.

-Instead, get obsessed with cultivating your mind and being happy; with accepting your body as it is; with accepting that nothing will happen if one day you have a beer, don´t do any exercise, or if you have a muffin. It is all fine.

-Listen to your body and listen even more to your mind: what does your mind want? What are you lacking?

When people say we should listen to our hearts they really mean our minds. The heart is in the mind, so listen to that part of your brain that is more important than anything else in the world; than what other people make you believe. Listen to that voice that is coming from inside you; you know which one I´m talking about. You have all the answers already; you just need to ask yourself the questions, and listen to the answers in silence. Meditate, and much knowledge will come to you eventually.

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