Why Don´t You Just Touch Your Boobs?

I mean… how terrible can it be to touch a bit your boobs once per month? You know you must check them regularly. Breast Cancer is one of the luckiest ones (if that makes sense), because by touching your boobs you could be detecting this awful illness. Think about it, how lucky is that? If the Cancer was in any other organ (ovaries, pancreas, kidney, lungs), you could not feel it. But the boobs, they are there, nicely placed in your body, and in the front part, available for you to feel at any time!

Just do it.

Your hands can be a very accurate method (and faster than other medical devices) to detect a lump, and it is also a free procedure, so convenient! What do you have to think about? Do not be scared. If you are, why? You´d probably answer that you are terrified of having Cancer. Well, don´t be. It is just another illness, and if you ask me, I´d say better than losing your eyesight or the mobility of your legs, for example. It is an illness that has a treatment for it (most of the times). At least you can fight it. You could lose, true; many people lose the battle, but at least there are chances, especially if you catch it early. And how do you catch it early? You are right: By touching your boobs.

Men should as well (1% of men has Breast Cancer). Just feel them, it will take you no more than five minutes. If you catch a malignant tumour in time, before it spreads, you will probably be cured, and it will soon be history; another anecdote to talk about in the future.

Come on, check those boobs in the shower, once per month, after your period has finished (if you are a man, you pick the day!); lift your arms, and feel them; lie down and feel them. They won´t break. Do you know how to check them? Don´t worry, none of us do, but it cannot be that difficult. Click here and have a read:


Some people think a self-exam won´t be helpful in detecting Breast Cancer, but it absolutely is. In the UK, for example, a yearly mammography exam at NHS starts when women are 50 years old, and in Spain it starts at 45, just to give you some examples.

Well, I am 37 and I would have been dead soon if I had not found my lump while I was taking a shower. I never did a self-exam; I just found mine by the grace of God, and because my breast is small. If it was big, I would have never noticed the lump, because I never touch my boobs, and, indeed, I would be dead soon. So thank God for my hands. They are my most valuable part, so useful and clever. I will definitely use them more from now on.

So touch your boobs. And now, tell me, do you notice anything weird? Any lump at all? Nothing? Great! Then go back to your usual life, and do not forget to check them again next month!

Wait, is there anything there? Then, first of all, don´t panic. It could be nothing serious. The chances for you to have Cancer are minimal. What? Do you want to know numbers? Then, this isn´t your site. I don´t care that much about numbers. Figures make us nervous and only indicate a probability, but that number might be wrong for you. I just know that there are more chances for that lump to be a cyst or a benign tumour than a malignant one. But there is indeed a chance, and that is why it is so important for you to book an appointment with your doctor and check that lump properly. It could be Cancer, and if it is, then you need to start getting ready for this battle.

Try to see the good in it: It is all very scary, but by touching your boobs you might have saved your life. I was really scared of having Cancer, and that is why I never checked my boobs. Can you imagine? What a contradiction. You are very scared of having Cancer, so you don´t check them at all… so Cancer can kill you quietly? Because it will at some point. The thing is that… if you are one of those really scared of having Cancer, you probably have a good chance to get it yourself. Why? Because the mind has a fundamental role in what happens to your body.

Do not be scared. You can do it. You can do everything you wish actually. The human being is so adaptable to all kinds of situations. You would be astonished about the things we can do to survive. Now go feel those boobs of yours. Now!

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